Welcome to Rasol Services

Your  global technology partner


Our Value Proposition


  • Balanced Senior and Junior Resources
  • International Experience
  • Dedicated Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Constant training for the teams
  • Partnering with clients for specific trainings

Cost & Comfort

  • Blended Onsite and Offshore resource rate
  • On Premise and Offshore resources
  • No investment on software or infrastructure
  • Interaction with Local Swiss company
  • We are flexible to find suitable business partnerships

Reduced Time to Market

  • Collaborate and innovate together
  • Sourcing and solutions development based on your requirements
  • Leverage on Joint teams and Skills
  • Focus on core functions of your business

Your Extended Team

  • You have full control on the execution team
  • Scalability based on requirements
  • Multiple skills under one roof
  • 24×7 team availability
  • Advanced collaboration setup (phone, email, chat, screensharing etc)

Managed Team

  • Your focus is on strategic initiatives and all tactical and execution is managed by us
  • We will have dedicated project manager resources at your location and they will manage the execution teams

New Market Expansion

  • Extend your products and services to India market
  • Let us together explore the Business Expansion opportunities